Why Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Students usually interested to study in Australia because they want a secure life. They want to
enjoy the world class facilities as in USA or Canada offer to their international students. Whereas
USA is too much restricted and the weather of Canada is one of the main obstacles for
international student especially for Asian sub-continent students. So most of the students prefer
to study in Australia as their educational homeland.

Students prefer Australia as their educational destination not only for this positive vive. Some
key facts also plays a vital role behind this priority.
Education Standard is the most vigorous reason among them. Australia maintains world class
education standard that’s why they wanted to study in Australia. Australia have top 8 universities
within top 100 universities worldwide. As a result most of the students prefer Australia as their
destination of education.
Australia prefer genuine student to study in Australia. That’s why students need to get a good
score in their twelve class pass certificate. They inspire students by their Scholarship facility. If
any student score 70% or above he or she is eligible to get at least 15% scholarship. Whereas
other countries like USA needs extra SAT score over 1200 to 1300, Australia offer scholarships
on the basis of students’ academic results.
Australia not only gives priority to the meritorious students. Rather they accept GED, O’ Level
students through their foundation courses. It is reason of international students to study in
Australia generally has two intakes i.e. February and July, with few universities offering multiple
intakes in September & November. You should start your admission process around six months
before the application deadline. Typically most universities have three deadlines, during one
intake. It is up to the convenience of the students, which deadline to aim for. You should be done
with your language and aptitude tests by three months before the deadline. The last three months
should be dedicated to filling out the application form properly.
It is essential to ensure that the ‘complete application process’ along with appearing for
interviews and visa application procedure should be complete by Nov-Dec for the February
intake. If you are looking to get admission into vocational courses, then some courses may have
admissions open in January and perhaps even May or July.
Students need not to wait a whole year for an admission intake rather the get the scope three
times in a year that’s why most of the students prefer to study in Australia.

Australia is a multicultural society that welcomes people from other cultures, countries, and
backgrounds. While the majority of Indian students studying in Australia have a positive
experience of living and studying in Australia.

Sufficient funds for studying in Australia is another important fact. The average tuition fees in
Australia is around 20000 to 30000 AUD. But it varies on the basis of which university and
which subject they choose. Even the area where the university is situated also matters a lot here.
The admission criteria also matters here. For instance, if the university offers any student
admission through foundation course then enroll him or she through diploma leading to bachelor
then the course would be a longer one. But if not then the course would not be so long.
Students who study in Australia through foundation or diploma courses their tuition fees would
be lower than the direct admission program. Even English proficiency requirement is also very
An English proficiency certificate is a must for Study in Australia. Students need to score
minimum 6.0 and no band less than 5.5 for bachelor. For masters admission minimum 6.5 and no
band less than 6.0.
During Study in Australia a student can easily find a student job. For the enrolled students there
are several opportunities to work. Australian student visa allow students to work up to 20 hours
per week during the semester. During semester break a student can even work full time.
Student can find part-time jobs that show a connection to their studies. For instance, in agencies
or companies. If a student just want to make money without gaining study-related work
experience, he or she can apply any types of part time job like merchandising assistant, waiter
and promoter. Just search for student jobs on internet.

Moreover, students who are serious to their education Australia gives first priority to them.
Through all the process they just want to ensure is the student is a genuine student or not.
Because Australia ensure their support for their international students.

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