The U.S. is situated on the North American continent. Fifty States are the United States adjacent to it. The United States borders Canada on the north, and Mexico on the south, and the Gulf of Mexico. The state of Alaska is in the northwest of Canada. In the US there is more than 50 states, the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean are home to several regions and estates. The US has over 2800 schools and universities, where almost 6.5 million international learners study for distinct programs in distinct classes.America is a technology leader. This simply means that it gives the students who study here a real edge over others. A US degree is therefore beneficial in a number of ways and preferable over other.

Quality of life

As an international student, you do not have to pay your tuition fee first before you go to study. Normally, every University takes certain percent of the tuition charge of the first year in advance to secure your admission. Another additional cost will be charged which is living cost.You will enjoy the same liberties as international students in USA, protecting the rights of USA–regard for human rights, equality and a stable, peaceful society. In addition to being wired with the recent sophistication, USA’s post-secondary universities have a number of other modern conveniences. The post-secondary campuses of USA offer enormous opportunities for learning and recreation, from Olympics to public concert halls and art galleries. In addition, you will have amazing chances to meet like-minded people and acquire precious experience by running student government, radio, newspapers and companies.


Living in Australia is very much affordable for the international students. Students can work 20 hours per week in a part time job during the semester. After graduation, obtaining temporary residency visa allows the student to remain in Australia to live, travel, study or work for the time being. The length of the stay will depend on the visa you obtain.

Documents requirements for students

  • Evidence of financial efficiency of the sponsor for tuition fees and living costs
  • Applicant with spouse visa or children should apply at the same time for dependants as F1 and F2 visa
  • Passport



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