Why Sweden

Sweden today has, for various reasons, become one of the most expected destinations for graduation.
Perspective students are attracted because it offers universities of world renown, flexible conditions and, most
importantly, prosperity in a country with a rich history and peaceful way of living. Studying in Sweden from
Bangladesh is an enormous opportunity to help close the obstacle to language and other barriers.

Quality of life

Sweden is a nation of rich history, reflected in its museums and festival expressions. They celebrate countless
festivals that can attract individuals from different cultures. The social structure of Sweden is very friendly for
international students. Studying from Bangladesh in Sweden has numerous advantages in several criteria,
including English, almost everybody is used to English and there are excellent possibilities to learn Swedish too.

Education in Sweden

Swedish university programs assist students to be linked to their relative areas of research. They give students
a broad variety of internships, training and part-time employment. Sweden's living costs can be managed by
means of available work. Sweden has many big multinational organisations that are ready to welcome


There are many possibilities for students in Sweden; in every stage of the education and immigration scheme
one of them is equivalent to justice. Other services work together with research, free spouse education and
childcare services. Because there are no set working time, they must however give priority to their research, so
that they can have a flexible work week.

Documents requirements for students

All academic Transcripts
 IELTS Copy
 Evidence of financial efficiency of the sponsor for tuition fees and living costs
 Applicant with spouse visa or children should apply at the same time for dependants
 Passport



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