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  • Our qualified counsellors will listen to your needs on one to one basis to guide you through your end to end settlement in Australia.
  • Most of our counsellors been an international student and therefore they know and understand your needs and aware of the issues to assist you with your right choice of programs
  • Our approachable attitude and in-depth knowledge of the programs of Australian Institution and Universities gives us the competitive advantage to guide a student in choosing the right program based on the student’s willingness and ability to complete the course, their understanding of course and provider requirements and awareness of realistic employment and pathway outcomes.
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Our proficient counsellors will guide you through from application forms to submission of application, document certification (after sighting the originals).

  • Our fast free and committed service and strong relationship with the institutions and universities would always make it possible to get an offer quicker than direct application.
  • Our professional counsellors will guide you through with the documents checklist in one go rather than requesting for documents repeatedly.
  • Guidance on how to prepare a strong Statement of Purpose and clear guideline while assessing the GTE would help you to get approved in your desired course if the standard entry requirements are met.
  • Our counsellors will provide you choices and their opinion to help you to make the right decision.
  • Our diligent follow up strategy with institutions means all you have to do is Chilax.
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