Australian Student Visa – Sponsor?

Australian Student Visa

Australian Student Visa – Who are the acceptable sponsors?

To apply for an Australian Student visa, every international student needs to provide financial capacity documents; which is also known as Sponsor. Not everyone in your family can be a sponsor because you need to prove a strong relationship with them. So, who could be the sponsors? In this article, we will explain in details who could be your acceptable sponsor in terms of applying for an Australian student visa and what would be their relationship with you. 

If you are an applicant, your sponsor could be –

  1. Parent or parents
  2. Brother, sister or both
  3. Combination of parents and siblings
  4. Combination of parents and uncle/aunt (the major portion from parents)
  5. Paternal or maternal uncle/aunt with a valid reason
  6. Yourself
  7. Your husband or wife (if married)
  8. Father in law or mother in law

Check out the application steps  

An Australian student visa is easy to get as long as you have a genuine intention of study abroad, along with a suitable financial capacity to cover the tuition and living costs. Sponsor is one of the vital parts of your application which can reflect the visa decision. But you must provide authentic and relevant financial documents to the home affairs, as a result, this will help you to get the student visa without any hurdle.   

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