What does HBD Services stand for?
HBD Services means “Help to Build your Dream future”.

What is an educational consultant?
An educational consultant is a trained professional who possesses comprehensive knowledge about educational placement options. An educational consultant strives to find the “best fit” academic and social or emotional environment for the students who want to study abroad.

Why should I take the help from a counselor?
Now a days, getting information on any topic is very much easy, but getting the right or correct information is a bit challenging. Add in the well –intention advice and opinions from family and friends, and this information can be overwhelming. Most of the time conflicting information confuses us. Different students have different needs. Furthermore, all universities and courses are not suitable for all students. An Educational Consultant, such as HBD Services, can help you pick the “Right choice” for the student’s career after a proper assessment.

Why should I consider HBD Services?
There are several reasons to come at HBD Services. They are as follows:

  • “HBD Services” is a well-reputed educational consultancy in Bangladesh, Australia, UK, Portugal, Germany and Malaysia. We always maintains a high quality of standard and provides world class services.
  • HBD Services represents world class universities and colleges who have proven track record of providing quality education for years.
  • HBD Services admission team visits most of the partner institutions in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Malaysia, Singapore regularly to gain up-to-date knowledge about the development and changes. We want to counsel our students in the best possible way.
  • HBD Services provides professional and honest services to students because we always try to “Help to Build your Dream future.”

What benefits can I get from HBD Services?
Benefits you can get from HBD Services:

  • HBD Services will help you to enroll yourself in a suitable university.
  • You will get free counseling session with highly expert counselors.
  • We also advise our students in selecting the right course.
  • We assist to pay your tuition fee to the respective university.
  • We guide for your visa requirement.

Is there any part time job facility in abroad?
Yes, you can work for 20 hours a week in Australia and UK.

What are the steps I should follow to study abroad?
Steps you should follow to study abroad are as follows:

  • At first you have to submit the filled up application form with all educational documents (certificates and transcripts).
  • Then the university issues an Offer Letter confirming that the student is eligible to enroll in the proposed course of study.
  • After that the student or student’s sponsor has to pay tuition fee in HBD Services A/c and we will update that according to offer letter.
  • Upon receiving payment the University issues a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) which indicates that the student has got acceptance to study in this university.
  • Lastly all academic and financial documents with a statement of purpose(SOP) to study are submitted to Australian High Commission. After having a successful interview session(not mandatory for all case) with the applicant over the phone; Australian High Commission grants the VISA to study in Australia.

How much I have to pay after getting Visa?
The student will be advised by us exactly what fees and when they need to pay. You will register with HBD Services only after you are fully aware and satisfied with HBD Services’ terms and conditions. Please remember, there are no hidden fees or charges.

When should I apply for admission?
We recommend students to apply as soon as they are ready to apply. Many universities have application deadline which is mostly 3 months prior to semester start date. However, seats in the good universities fill up quickly. Therefore, we strongly suggest our students to apply as early as possible.

When shall I apply for student visa?
Again, we strongly suggest you to apply as early as possible to avoid inconvenience. Most of the visa offices have certain deadline and timeline about accepting student visa application.
We will sit with you and find out the best timeline for you to avoid any inconvenience whatsoever.

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