Advisory Board
Brig Gen Mohammad Golam Hossain Sarkar( Retd.)

Honorable Chairman

The Honorable Chairman Brig Gen Mohammad Golam Hossain Sarkar (Retd.) has significant experience in organisational headquarters and strategic management consulting roles. His areas of expertise are leadership, strategy, decision-making, emergency management and security. He has worked extensively with Bangladesh Army and he ended his army career with the position of Brigadier General. In addition to his strength in corporate trouble-shooting roles, Mohammad Golam Hossain Sarkar has developed a specialisation in teaching strategy through the use of experiential learning while he holds the Principal’s position in Uttora Razuk Model College and Adomji Cantonment College.

Abu Shahadat Sarkar


Abu Shahadat Sarkar is the CEO of HBD Services and also a business strategy expert with over 15 years of experience crafting and implementing impactful business strategies in a range of industries. He is one of the leading thinkers of global education services with a visionary personality. He runs various huge corporate divisions as well as smaller privately owned businesses. His working life spans Australia and his native Bangladesh. Abu himself started HBD Services after successfully completing his education in Australia. From that point forward, he has provided education and consulting services to students, universities and private higher education institutions. He is efficient on methodology and administration; quality assurance and improvement; leadership development; and international education. He also has been involved extensively in higher education quality development and venture capital. Mr. Abu Shahadat Sarkar was Rangpur Cadet College student did his master degree from CQ University Australia. He holds the Justice of Pease and an active member of Australian Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce, Dhaka Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Tanvir Ahmed

Dr. Tanvir Ahmed is an empowering, collaborative and strategically driven experienced academic with over 5 years of industry, teaching and research experience. He has completed his PhD from La Trobe University, Australia and then worked with various world-class universities. His passion is to do research and help others to learn and develop ability to understand and interpret the role of marketing in a business setting. He has wide-ranging teaching experience at the Masters and Undergraduate levels. He has developed and taught numerous subjects in areas including marketing, consumer culture, entrepreneurship and research methods. He is the current member of Association for Consumer Research, USA, Academy of Marketing Science, USA and many others.

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