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  • University of Tasmania, Australia is offering up to 25% scholarship for international students. The Tasmania Scholarships Program supports the University’s commitment to offer students an exemplary learning environment. The program provides students with significant financial and academic support to study at the University of Tasmania at a time they most need it.

  • HBD Services is very happy to see the smiley face of Mahmudul Hasan, who has recently got Student visa because of the proper care and nurture of HBD Services. "I'll be gratefull to HBD Services throughout my last breath" said Mahmudul Hasan. He was refused by the Australian High Commission two years ago because of the faulty performance of an education agent.

  • Dhaka office of HBD Services is performing a outstanding performance in recent months. 11 out of 11 students who submitted their papers to Australian High Commission through HBD Services got students visa. "We are very much cooperative and we try to give the best service to our students" Said the CEO Md.Abu Shahadat Sarkar of HBD Services.

  • Sarmin
    Course: Master of International Communication
    University: Macquarie University

    Comment:Without the proper guidance of HBD Services it would not be possible for me to study at Macquarie University. HBD Services helped me a lot to get admission at Macquarie University and getting my visa. They even didn’t let me worry about anything. I never imagined that it will be so easy for me to study in Australia. I am very much grateful to them. Thanks to HBD Services for their kind co operation.

  • Nazmul Hasan
    Course: Bachelor of Business Administration.
    University: Macquarie University

    Comment:Choosing a right university to study in abroad is very much important. HBD Services helped me to choose the right university to study in Australia. They also supported all my way of enrollment to Macquarie University and getting my visa. I was surprised to have my visa only within two weeks. Because of HBD Services now I am one step forward to my dream future..

  • Elichea Synthi Anita
    Course: Bachelor of Nursing
    University: University of Canberra

    Comment: I am Elichea Synthi Anita, got my VISA to study at University of Canberra, Australia in the subject of Bachelor of Nursing. I did all my academic and financial paper documentation with the help of HBD Services. They made my application procedure easier for me. I am satisfied with their service and wish every success in the future days ahead.

  • Abu Md. Shibly Salek
    Course: Masters of Professional Accounting
    University:Charles Sturt University

    Comment: I am Abu Md. Shibly Salek, got the opportunity of studying in Masters of Professional Accounting at Charles Sturt University, Australia. With the assistance of my agent, HBD Services I arranged all my papers to process my application smoothly. I am pleased with the service of HBD Services and hope they will be more prosperous in the days ahead.

  • Saiful Islam
    Course: Bachelor of Business - Management
    University:Charles Sturt University

    Comment:I am Saiful Islam, obtained the chance of completing my graduation in Bachelor of Business - Management course from Australia's one of the top ranking university, Charles Sturt University. As an international student it was a challenging task to process my application properly where my agent, HBD Services made this easier for me. I really appreciate their co-operation and satisfied with their service.

  • Tania Afnan Swarnal
    Course: Bachelor of Arts
    University:Macquarie University

    Comment:I am Tania Afnan Swarnal, got the opportunity of studying at Australia's No. one modern university, Macquarie University in Bachelor of Arts program. I processed my application through my agent HBD Services as they are serving as legal agent of Macquarie University since long time.

  • Mahmudul Hasan
    Course: Bachelor of Information Technology
    University:Australian Catholic University
    Comment:This is Mahmudul Hasan. Recently I got the VISA to study at Australia's one of the leading and Public Funded university, Australian Catholic University. There I am going to study Bachelor of Information Technology program. I submitted my application with all necessary documents through HBD Services and got offer letter and Confirmation of Enrollment within very short period.

  • Mussammat Mahnaz Rahman
    Course: Master of Professional Accounting
    University:University of Western Sydney (UWS)

    Comment:Finally I am flying to Australia! HBD Services, my agent made this possible for me where I got refusal once through my previous agent. But this time HBD Services assisted me to ensure proper submission of my academic and financial documents to University of Western Sydney (UWS) to enroll at Master of Professional Accounting program.

  • Purab Chakma
    Course: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    University: Australian Catholic University (ACU)

    Comment:My dream came true and I have no word to thank my agent, HBD Services. I applied two times but got refused. Finally third time I got the VISA to study in Australia. Earlier I got refusal due to problem regarding sponsorship. But third time my agent, HBD Services analyzed my position critically and presented my application in way where Australian High Commission could not refuse it anymore.

  • Arman Hosan Chowdhury
    Course: Bachelor of Commerce
    University: Charles Darwin University (CDU)

    Comment:: This is Arman Hosan Chowdhury. Recently I got the opportunity to study at Charles Darwin University in Bachelor of Commerce program. As my agent, HBD Services helped all the way ranging from document preparation to its proper documentation and submission. Without their proper assistance it would be very difficult task for me. I am satisfied with the service of HBD Services and wish every success in future.

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